3D Printing Your CAD Model is Quick and Easy with CADspan

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CADspan is an innovative set of software tools and services for creating 3D printable files from existing, non-printable 3D CAD data.

CADspan Pro
Allows you to generate a 3D printable file from any CAD model, as well as perform advanced STL editing functions. Get A Free 30 Day Trial

If you're curious about what CADspan does or if it's right for you, see Why CADspan.

Need help generating or repairing a 3D file? Check out our Services.

Looking for a 3D print or an architectural model? See 3D Printing.

FREE! 3D printing your SketchUp model is easy with CADspan's free plugin.

NEW! CADspan for SketchUp plugin (version 2.17) now includes free STL import and export!

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Free Tools


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No STL export? No problem. 3D print from any CAD model with CADspan.
Use our online application to upload your model and receive a 3D print-ready file.
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File Repair

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Need help getting 3D printable files from your 2D or 3D CAD?
Let CADspan technicians take care of it for you. Send us your data and reveive a 3D print-ready file.
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Free Tools

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The free CADspan plugin for Google SketchUp and 3D print thickness calculator are all you need to turn your Google SketchUp model into a 3D print-ready STL file.
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