CAD and Application Developers

The CADspan online Engine can be easilly integrated into your application. To integrate with CADspan, your application should be able to communicate with the Web. More specifically you application will need to open TCP ports to multiple URLs and understand HTML with cookies and REST with JSON through these ports.

If you would like more information please email us

Algorithm Developers

Do you have a great algorithm that needs processing power?
We are actively looking for interesting code that performs specific useful tasks in a non-interactive manner. Areas of interest are: geometry processing, image processing, GIS. We can tie your algorithm to Sketchup or other CAD applications. We are eager to work with you to host your algorithm and provide you with usage based revenue.

If you have an algorithm please email us


Are you interested in Reselling CADspan?
If you have an existing business and sell other CAD or 3d printing products, or if you are associated with AEC CAD products, we have a simple affilate reseller program. To put CADspan on your website and get paid for it, please see this link to learn how.

Feedback and Feature Requests

If you have suggestions about what you want CADspan to do please contact:


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