CADspan is licensed on a "Per-User" basis. Sharing a user's accout between two or more people is prohibited. Processing files for another person is prohibited.

The free plugin version of CADspan software is intended for small applications and personal use. The Free Version features including processing wait time, plug-in tools and size of models that can be processed are limited. If you are using the software at an architecture firm, service bureau, 3dprinting reseller, or other commercial entity, you are encouraged to support the ongoing development by purchasing a monthly or yearly subscription to CADspan Pro.

Features included are subject to change. You may be required to update to a more current version of the plugin at anytime.

By clicking the download button below, you confirm that you agree to the above terms. Be sure to read the full End User License Agreement during the installation process for more information.

Windows: Sketchup 8, 7, or 6

Mac: OS X 10.5+, Google SketchUp 8

Mac: OS X 10.4+, Google SketchUp 7

Multi-platform: SketchUp 8 .rbz extention direct import

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