Support FAQs

The plugin does not display correctly. Only the top logo and Welcome to CADspan display. What is wrong?

Why do I have to upload my model?

Will CADspan pro surface files directly on my machine?

I upgraded to Sketchup 7 and there is no plugin. What to do?

Do you have a Linux Version?

I click on Upload but nothing happens. What's the deal?

Why is there a polygon limit?

Do you support color?

What is the license on the Free version?

Can I sell CADspan?

I've exported to STL using the STL export tool, but my model is still unprintable. What's going on here?

After I put my login info in it says that it “sounds good” but then just jumps back to the login screen. What to do?

I'm using IE 8 and things look strange/aren't working. What should I do?

I've uploaded a .skp file to CADspan Pro, but the resurfaced file contains no data. What's wrong?

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CADspan User Guide

CADspan Pro User Guide

Google SketchUp Demo File

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