CADspan Bridges The Gap Between CAD and 3D Printing

-Proprietary Mesh Resurfacer: Shrinkwraps your model to produce a solid STL

-CADspan Pro is a web application - no software to install

-Virtually any CAD model can be resurfaced with CADspan

-Fixes errors in existing CAD such as holes and gaps, coplanar faces, and reversed normals

-Combines multiple intersecting objects into one solid file

-Removes interior geometry and translates directly into 3D printable STL files

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CADspan is the solution for integrating 3d printing into your CAD, Architectural, AEC design, gaming or other creative workflow.

CADspan Pro can use exported drawings from Sketchup, Revit, ArchiCAD, Rhino, 3dStudioMax, Bentley and others to create files that will print on the ZCorporation 650, Objet Eden Objet Alaris, 3d Systems ProJet, SLA machines, Stratasys FDM , Stratasys Dimension and every other rapid prototyping machine.

CADspan is able to automatically repair and fix exported files by creating a new STL mesh that surrounds or shrinkwraps the existing geometry. The CADspan team invented and commercialized this technology in 2004. Since that time it has been used to create thousands of successful 3d prints for architects, developers, designers and numerous service bureaus. Autodesk actually recommends using a shrinkwrap program to create a 3d printable file when using the Revit STL export plugin. Whether you own a 3d printer or use a service bureau CADspan is fast, inexpensive and easy to use. It can dramatically reduce the cost of post processing your CAD and makes 3d printing easier.

For the SketchUp user in a commercial environment, the CADspan Pro web application works along side the CADspan Plugin. The web application allows better control over the mesh resolution and provides a folder structure so you can manage multiple projects. It also allows for multiple files to be processed simultaneously, saving many hours on large jobs or when you need to try multiple settings. Files can be sent directly out of Sketchup to the web application via the plugin.

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CADspan Pro Preview

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